How can adult friends take you to a higher level of consciousness

Don’t get me wrong.` bring a lot of benefits to the table. First and foremost, you get friends that you can fuck. Think about that for a second. You enjoy these friends. You go out and enjoy yourselves. You paint the town red, and at the end of the night, you knock boots. You fuck each other, make each other orgasm and it’s a beautiful thing. But it’s too easy to look at this concept and get stuck at this level. It’s too easy to look at it from a purely physical level.


Sadly too many guys are essentially sexual pigs. Just like a pig is very hungry and just focuses on eating as much as possible, it’s easy to look at sex the same way. It’s all very self-serving and very shallow. Eventually you’ll get hungry again. Eventually you become desensitized to the taste and it takes more sex for you to get your fill. It’s a never ending process until you become a sex addict. It’s bad news.


You need to look past the physicality. The truth is having adult friends in your life can be a very beautiful thing on many different levels. The level that I want you to focus on is the spiritual level. You have to understand that human beings are spiritual creatures. We look at the world and we’re always looking for meaning. Some people are more profound and intelligent than others that is why the spiritual component is more apparent to them. However, even the most stupid person will still feel the consequences of a life that lacks meaning. They feel frustrated a lot of the times. They feel happy when bad things happen to other people. They feel unhappy when good things happen to other people. They feel that they can’t get enough.


These are spiritual groupings. They are pointing you towards a central truth that is missing in your life. This is why sex is really important. You have to remember that philosophical and spiritual traditions since time immemorial have been talking about sex as some sort of gateway that connects you with the divine. It’s a way the limited communing with the unlimited. It’s a way for the imperfect to get a glimpse of the perfect.


The reason why this is the case is because when you achieve a certain level of orgasm all limitations melt away. I’m not just talking about feeling really good when you cum. I mean that is a good thing, but scientists know that the typical orgasm is a reflex mechanism of the lower spinal cord or lower nervous system. In other words, animals experience sex that way. It’s the biochemical explosion happening at the frontal lobe of your brain that takes sex to a higher level because that’s the part of your brain which functions as the seat of reason. This is the gateway to spirituality. This is the gateway to a universal consciousness.


You have to remember that all religions are based on one foundation and that is the importance of selflessness. If you are able to eat, not because you are hungry, but because you are looking for something higher and you are able to live for something outside and bigger than you, you are being spiritual. As you can probably tell sex can be used as a gateway for that out of body and out of self-experience. It’s an awesome thing. And if you develop adult friends a lot of them can be open to that. A lot of them can be open to sex as a vehicle for higher states of consciousness. That is what is missing for most guys.


If you want to get the most out of your adult friendships and those kinds of sexual arrangements, look for the spiritual component. The good news is that there are lot of open-minded women out there that are looking for the exact same thing. Not only does this take sex to a much higher level in terms of physical enjoyment, it also brings a tremendous amount of meaning, purpose and value to the sex act.


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The Myth of Porno Reviews

Unethical discounts or misleading discounts do exist but so do real discounts as well as the best way to genuinely save some cash will be to go through a site like mine. We are offered links to reduced rates on a regular basis as a thanks for reviewing specific sites. The principal advantage of it is that we could still offer our subscribers honest opinions but with an added incentive as well. It really is unfortunate but its not all review website gives honest reviews along with a lot of time, deals are created behind-closed doors that see review websites heavily market other websites that are rather awful. Your guess is nearly as good as ours as to why anyone would encourage poor websites it makes no sense to us therefore you are in safe hands. Moving on, committing to a site for longer compared to the minimum one-month is a simple approach to obtain a sizeable discounts. Sites that bill something around the technical standard ($29.95/month) will frequently offer 33% sort of discounts for quarterly customers and even more money offer for individuals who don’t mind paying 6-12 months beforehand. It’s wise to already be content with the service and level of pleasure you are obtaining from a website before signing on the dotted line but when you are happy to dedicate, there’s no reason to pay top money.

This Particular page ended up being composed right after browsing quality material over FTV Girls so compliment to that website 🙂

Despite most of the businesses allure (mainly hot, naked women delivered by the container load), it is nonetheless a possible minefield and as you become closer and closer to passing over money, the decision becomes tougher and tougher. You will find quite literally tens of thousands of websites available all competing to get a share of the billion dollar business as well as the harsh truth is that very few of those are truly worth the money. We are accomplished in the area and will thus direct you through the procedure of locating the best website for you. Oh, and we’ll also make certain you understand just how to see the bad cash-grabbing sites from a distance away.

The fast moving, quickly evolving world we today reside in views us desire and need everything on the move and the adult industry have started to comprehend this and now loads of the adult scenes are cellular. Whenever you are an associate of a huge website, nine times out-of ten they will have files for iPhones/iPads/Anything else which is commonly used already available. Many sites now have cellular sites create to especially care for members with this specific specific demand. But naturally not everybody does and several websites remain way behind the times but even so, that doesn’t mean you need to avoid using all these sites altogether. So long as a site has fundamental down load alternatives available, you can usually find a way to truly get your own favorite websites from The to T. Free video conversion websites are accessible in the event that you require them and you can normally find everything you must decipher whether or not a site is mobile friendly on their homepage.

We’ve put up a whole site that just picks apart other websites and condenses the significant information into an easy to learn and follow structure so if you do not fancy doing the research all on your own, you do not have too. Unlike the rest, you’ve got access to hundreds of completely unbiased reviews that deliver concise and precise descriptions of virtually every adult entertainment service on the market nowadays. The due-diligence has been completed for you and when we didn’t completely adore a site ourselves, it definitely will not have a favourable review here. Our team of skilled adult entertainment writers know the business and know full well the requirements our visitors deserve. Our critiques will direct you into the best choice and help you prevent a couple of headaches along the way…

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Reviewsites Are Online For Your Needs

Typically, a site that provides premium solutions will bill monthly and you are looking at around $20-$30/month on average. Ten bucks either side of the benchmark is rather normal and anything around $1 a day should come as no shock to the system. The universe of perverted fantasy and outlandish fetishes may see these costs become a lot diverse. It is not uncommon for actually market web sites to charge above and beyond normal costs as they are just attracting a modest number of people and cannot sell memberships from the bucket fill. Traditional hardcore actions remains the most common form of premium content online and with that, it’s also the least expensive and needless to say, the top marketing. Whenever you pay $20-$30 per month (the industries sweet spot in lots of ways) you must be getting plenty of the features we’ve outlined as significant below for your money and so long as you get this, you ought to be confident your hard earned money is being properly invested.

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Blue Dream’s XXX Hidden Cam will Send you Soaring

This time we’ve got a foxy mature bitch who got her fanny banged hard outdoors for you! Go see more pornographic videos like this at and see amazing porn actresses doing the nastiest things in front of the camera. Just like this mature lady who enjoyed sucking that fresh sloppy dick, there are many others who will rid it, suck it and even take it deep into their tight asholes. There are no limits for these babes, all they want is get as much cock as possible to feel good. You could watch thousands of minutes of the kinkiest hardcore fucking scenes with the ease of a couple of click. Don’t forget to bookmark!

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Best amateur porn sites

When searching for porn, what kind of technique do you use? Google? Tube sites? I’ve done both and it’s time consuming and often the sites you find are of poor quality. Yesterday I found a couple of porn review sites and my oh my it’s the holy grail!

They appear to be genuine and honest, the reviews are well written and well laid out. Take a look for yourself at Adult Reviews and Porn Reviews. They are hugely recommended.

On to my findings:

FTV Girls (One of the best amateur sites period. The content is huge and the quality is perfect – highly recommended)

Amateur Allure (Pro site, but the girls are amateur. The site is excellent at doing makeup so the girls look absolutely fucking gorgeous)

Wifey’s World (Amateur MILF with her own site making tons of dirty movies with her hubby)

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Amateur College Babes

Let me tell you why I miss college; it all the Amateur Sex vixens who aspire to become pornstars and Sextubes divas! College is a haven for Amateur Porn wanna-bes, bless their horny souls. When girls go wild, and they DO go wild, they like to flash their big tits, spread their legs and get their wet pussies pounded by cock. College is where these amateur girls, ex-girlfriends and future party sluts craft their trade, hone their asses and become Porntube and network stars! So if you never went to college, now you know the sex that you were missing, and if you are heading to college, now you know the hardcore fucking you are in store for!

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House Wives Nude and Fucked

house wives nudeWho doesn’t love a good amateurs xxx flick? I love amateur porno for its more real feel. Sure there’s those that come across as trying to hard, but the new ones always have bodies that don’t know how to lie yet. Those are the amateurs xxx that I love. And I’ve actually gotten to participate in an amateur porno once, actually. It was pretty awesome, no, it was fucking amazing.

What can I say? In all my years of going through these sites, you manage to get lucky. And that I did, with Eva.

Eva was a sweet brunette, petite, slim where it matters and curvy where it counts. She had an open call for anyone who wanted to make a flick and the next thing I knew I was making out with her, kneading her tits tenderly as she wanked my cock off.

house wives nude She asked me to lay back and I obliged. She got on top of me and I watched as she let my cock run up and down her slit before it slowly started disappearing up her tight pussy lips. I couldn’t help myself. I started thrusting up and down by reflex. She moaned and started bouncing up and down on my cock as I thrusted my hips swiftly up and down. Her tits bounced up and down and I reached out to squeeze them, making her grind down on my cock. I flipped us so I was on top. I couldn’t take it anymore. Her legs were on my shoulders and I drove into her like a dog. Faster and harder I went as she shrieked in intense pleasure. Her pussy walls convulsed around my pulsing cock and I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer. I made sure she was over the edge before I pulled out and came all over her chest.

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Nude Amateur Porn Night

nude amateur pornI love my girl. She’s not the typical girl who thinks porn is gross and all that. In fact, she’s just as fascinated with it as I am, I believe. What can I say? We love sex. You can find us looking at nude amateur galleries and nude amateur pics quite frequently and looking for inspiration. Heck, you may even find us at nude amateur galleries and nude amateur pics as we do get inspired from what we see and hope to inspire others as well, haha.

Jen is a real doll. Brunette, cheeks that flush easy, an innocent look but a wild side too.

We were ready for tonight’s show. Her in her lacy garb and I in all my naked glory. All I needed was my big, fat prick, and I know I drive people wild with it.

I took her in my arms and we kissed, started making out, our tongues a blur. Meanwhile, our hands slipped to their respective places — mine split between her tnude amateur pornits and her ass and hers split between hanging on to me and playing with my huge prick. We try to keep at it but Jen’s real hungry for my cock.

She straddles me. I run my cock up and down her wet slit. Our tongues continue to fight for dominance and as the head of my cock pops into her soft, tight pussy, she gasps and I just smile into her mouth. Soon we were thrusting, working towards a good pace. Faster, then faster still, and harder too. She got louder and I saw her staring at the camera, giving a good show, getting off the feeling of being watched. Soon her pussy started squeezing at my throbbing cock over and over. I start yelling that I’m cumming over and over and she grinds down hard in response. I squirt my spunk deep in her as I groan and feel her bounce on my cock more.

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British Nude Models Wanted

british nude modelsYou gotta love the Brits. Those ladies with their posh manner of dressing, their hot accents, beautiful bodies, pretty faces and how good they are in bed. That, that is the reason why I’m always at some nude amateur gallery looking at scenes off nude amateur beach shots. I love seeing Brit chicks with their pussies out in the nude amateur beach in those nude amateur gallery up at my favorite site. And you know what it made me do? It made me pull strings and put down some cash to be part of one of those scenes.

And it wasn’t as fun as I thought at first. I was with Claudia and for the shoots, it was basically sticking my cock in, posing and rarely really fucking. At the end of it all, I thought my dreams were destroyed ’til Claudia called me up to her place.

Turns out she wanted me as much as I wanted her during the shoot. She undressed me and undressed herself and soon we were kissing. I’d fondle her tits and tug on her nipples, kissing, licking, sucking and nibbling, as she played with my big prick. I let her suck me off a little as I laid back at her bed. Watching her go crazy over my big cock made my eyes glaze over with lust. Soon I let her lay down for her turn to enjoy.

british nude models She was quite flexible, as I got on top of her with one leg at my shoulder. We kissed deeply and with her pussy stretched like that, I started to slowly push in. Damn, she was a tight fuck. We groaned together as I pushed my thick length in her. Soon I was all in and I started moving in and out slowly. She got wetter and wetter and I started leaking precum, so we went faster. I felt my cock throb as her pussy walls would squeeze me. I’d follow her commands as she yelled, “FASTER! YES! FUCK! HARDER! THAT’S IT! FUCK FUCK FUCK! YES! FUCK ME DAMN IT, YEAH!” We got louder, faster and harder until she started spasming and shrieking in pleasure. I wasn’t far behind. I pulled out, jacked my cock off as she sucked at my cock and let me spill my cum down her throat. She swallowed it all and we collapsed together, a sweaty mess.

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Amateur Nude Sexy Model Banged

nude sexy modelIf my friends knew where to look and what to look at, they’d find that I have a whole plethora of naked wives pics. Yep, my wife the amateur model at our very own dirty site. My life’s work of naked wives pis that I’ve started taking and putting up since three years ago are a testament to her sexy amateur model body and just what the hell we could do.

I’m a really lucky guy. Martha’s absolutely beautiful. Ginger hair, beautiful skin, green eyes, perfect tits, an ample ass and a pussy that doesn’t seem to have changed much since we first fucked in high school. Sweet, right? High school sweethearts. But we’re beyond sweet with our stuff on the site. Yes we are. And we’re filming again today.

She appeared, naked. Looks like foreplay would be short today. I hastily pulled her to me and started ravaging her more than ample tits. They were soft, sweet and I started kissing, sucking and nibbling one while I furiously kneaded the other. She on the other hand, jacked my cock off furiously. What can I say? We’ve been busy lately and we needed a fuck badly that time.

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